Teenagers Drug Abuse Is A Social Problem


Drug Abuse Among Teenagers is at the Forefront of Societal and Family Problems:

The drug industry is a big business in the U.S.A. And, a sizable customer base with this industry business is the teenage population. Already, before these are 13 years of age, many teenagers have smoked, drank alcohol or tried marijuana. In addition to that, prescription drug use among teenagers is yet another problem too. Youngsters misuse such legal substances as:


Pain medications:



Obviously, when someone uses drugs, they don’t mean to become addicted, nor would they believe they eventually will acquire a dependency problem. Drugs, though, are insidious. You might consider using a couple hits of marijuana, for instance, as a consequence of peer or social pressure and before you realize it, you happen to be hooked into the substance. Some drugs can also bring about a dependancy problem after single time, for example cocaine. This potent narcotic provides the user a very sense of euphoria that they desire to go through the high again after just one single use. However, this drug is an extremely lethal substance since it could cause cardiac problems and tremors, and in many cases be responsible for death. Therefore, it’s vital that people become educated concerning the danger of employing any drugs as just about all, when misused, have adverse reactions.

Drug Abuse: A Prevailing Problem Among Teenagers

As alcohol and drug abuse among teenagers is usually a prevailing problems in this country, people, both adults and youngsters, should be educated relating to the severe damage which really can be inflicted by making use of drugs. Recreational usage of drugs, for instance alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco and prescription substances can significantly cause irrevocable harm. One example is, abusive drinking can inevitably end up in liver, heart, nerve, and brain damage. Moreover, the surplus utilization of the substance can certainly make one depressed, cause problems with stomach, and cancer. Besides physical distress, use can even be the cornerstone for troubles at the job and school, communication problems in one’s family, violent crimes, accidents, and issues with legal issues.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse:

High doses of prescription medications and narcotics, like alcohol, could potentially cause numerous physical abnormalities and also the aforementioned problems at the job, school as well as in one’s family. Very much like alcohol, abuse of medication causes cardiac problems, stomach distress, depression, and cancer. Mental disorders and lack of physical coordination also result when one becomes addicted to drugs.

Therefore, using drugs just isn’t really worth the cost to you relating to the breakdown of relationships and health. In case you have a drug or alcohol problem, or have an acquaintance who seems to be an abuser, seek alcohol or substance abuse treatment straight away. Drugs really don’t solve problems. They merely cause more difficulties. Seeking treatment methods are critical if you need to have a healthy step toward resolving any issue you have with alcohol and drugs.